No Connectivity? No Problem.

Taking the classroom digital is now easier than ever. Joi™ Connect makes access to digital content easier than ever and it solves the challenge of low or no connectivity transforming the classroom experience.

It combines the benefits of an Internet access point and a stand-alone content server in one device, created specifically for educators, students and IT administrators. It’s lightweight, portable and can easily be mounted to the wall with included hardware.

Choose the device that lets you take your students to new levels of learning.

Learn without Boundaries

The Joi™ Connect makes learning possible outside the classroom. The compact, lightweight design and built-in battery offer mobility and portability suited for learning anywhere and everywhere. Imagine an enhanced learning experience that extends beyond the confines of classroom walls. With up to 5* hours of battery life, students and teachers have the ability to share content and stay connected no matter where they go. Whether it’s a field trip to the museum or science class held outdoors, the Joi™ Connect provides a complete and connected experience that goes beyond walls and wires.

Connect without a Connection

In a digital world it can be easy to take internet access for granted, but many school systems, especially those in rural areas, have limited or nonexistent connectivity. Access can be problematic even for schools with available internet – they are often severely lacking in bandwidth. The Joi™ Connect was developed specifically to address these limitations. This versatile, flexible device doesn’t require internet, or even electricity, to share information with up to 50 students at once. This means that the Joi™ Connect is also capable of working through internet service interruptions.

Take Back Class Time

Teachers can save time and paper using the Joi™ Connect. It’s easy to upload digital learning materials directly to the device either via Wi-Fi or the USB port. All the time spent making copies and passing out papers adds up. With a simple, digital alternative for distributing information, time spent in class is focused on teaching. And in class preparations, teachers benefit from additional efficiency gains thanks to the easy-to-use Content Hub Lesson Planner software, included with the Joi™ Connect.

Extend Your Reach

As every teacher knows, each classroom is made up of a diverse group of students with a diverse set of needs. Unfortunately, with limited time and large class sizes, it can be a huge challenge to spend meaningful one-on-one time with every student. However, the Joi™ Connect, with up to 500GB of storage, enables teachers to use either pre-loaded or their own content to curate lessons suited to the needs of their classroom.

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