JOI Station

Design for Storage, Security and Safety

This is the brand new JOI Station, a Universal Mobile Charging Cabinet Solution that can be used as a convenient station to store and works with various charging requirements from Android, Windows or even iOS devices! With its super high-speed charging experience and heat controlling technology, JOI Station is equipped with built-in safety features and easy mobility for a secure charging station experience. Recommended for those who frequently uses mobile computing devices as their daily productivity usage in office workspace, schools or universities.

Gigantic Cabinet That You Never Experience Before

Various sizes available, meet any requirements for your storage. of high speed charging ports.

Transparent Acrylic Door

Look through easily. Anti-collision rubber pad on the corners of the door. Door panel with security lock.

Premium Quality Of Safety

Perform task in one button. Set timer, monitor and charging time.

UV Light Sterilizing

No blind spot. Improve hygiene measurement.

Perfect Design

Reduced sharp edges. Fine and smooth lines. Round edges at the corner. Ergonomic design

Heat Controlling Technology

Low noise ventilation fan. Prevention on over heat & over charge.

Super High Speed Charging Experience

Just plug in and you're good to go. 2.4 A charging port. Charging lights indicating working state.

Easy Mobility

High durability wheels to resist super weight and friction. Smooth gliding and silence experience.