Build an Infrastructure

Provide the best learning experience possible through informed decision making, enhanced productivity, and improved efficiency that begins with a reliable foundation. Building a flexible infrastructure through security, cloud, connectivity, storage, and manageability helps you integrate education technology, nurture teachers, and foster collaboration-moving your vision of a transformed education forward.


Informed decision making

Foster collaboration

Improve efficiency

Enhance productivity

Nurture teachers

An optimized use of the technology and delivers the best learning experience:

Connectivity | Manageability | Security | Storage

Protect Your Students with Smarter Security

Keeping teacher and student data safe begins with the right defense. Detect and prevent attacks on sensitive data with Intel® Security and built-in protection-from identity authentication to smart data safeguards.

Empower Education with Classroom Connectivity

Whether your school needs mobility or a BYOD solution, reliable connectivity is a must. Overcome Internet Challenges and open up a world of digital content for your students with the Intel® Education Content Access Point.

Taking Education to the Cloud

When it comes to education, there is no one-size-fits-all cloud solution. Get answers to your most pressing cloud computing questions; discover why public, private, and hybrid cloud matter in education; and find the solution that meets your school’s needs.

Simplify Student Data Storage

The near future of education will be wholly interconnected through data, devices, people, and algorithms. From distributed storage to big data analytics, harnessing the potential of data solutions, like Intel® Solid State Drives, will deliver even greater value to educators and students alike.

Keep Classroom on Track with Manageability Made Easy

Find it. Fix it. Anywhere. Deliver remote-management capabilities over wired or wireless networks and across any teacher or student device with Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT).

A Holistic Approach to Student Success

Intel® Education delivers a comprehensive approach to creating successful learning environments. By developing a strategic plan that supports your education vision, you can build a robust infrastructure, choose the right devices, and source the best software for your needs-all keys to driving a holistic solution for student success.

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