Why Choose JOI?



JOI intends to come out with designs that is simple and not too sophisticated as we want to provide an easy-to-use and hassle-free usage experience for customers of all ages. JOI intends to match various needs and interest from different kind of people in functionality and device sizes.



JOI seeks to introduce value for money mobile devices without compromising its performance thanks to the brand's reasonable specifications, especially the processor that is powered by Intel Atom which provide good battery life and multitasking functionality.

plug n play


If displaying on the devices is not enough, guess what? JOI tablets are compatible with televisions, monitors and other display devices that support HDMI output. Furthermore, they support USB OTG connectivity which helps to plug in any USB flash storage, transferring files and play any media content with ease.



JOI always strive to bring easy-to-hold and light devices for the convenience of the users. With good build materials, JOI devices are the best choice for its good dimensions measurement while maintaining the size of the display panel.



All JOI products use a LCD panel called In-Plane Switching (IPS) that provides consistent and accurate colors. This technology offers clear images and stable response time for daily usage of touching the screen. IPS panel helps users to easily view the screen from different angles which provides media enjoyment without hurting the eyes and also share the joyful moments with other viewers.



JOI is a local Malaysia OEM brand that only provides original devices specially made by Malaysians, for Malaysians with good quality and services for our customers. Certified by MCMC, JOI seeks to gives a sense of confidence among users as an alternative choice for smartphone and tablet market.

A value for money brand without compromising its performance !