Joi Education Solutions are based on the Intel Education Transformation Model, driven by a comprehensive approach for change, innovative education technologies that delivers the solution, tools, and resources to transform teaching and learning across the globe.

DEVELOP - A Plan for Transformation

Learning-focused educational technology initiatives start from a clear vision of the intended goals. With a strategic approach to transformation, you can develop a comprehensive plan for long-term education change and drive student to success.

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BUILD - A Robust IT Infrastructure

Support teaching and learning while meeting program goals across security, cloud, connectivity, storage, and manageability-made possible by scalable, sustainable Intel® based infrastructure.

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CHOOSE - The Right Education Technology

Find the right device for your education environment with solutions that meet your needs across teaching and learning, manageability and deployment, and device functionality and budget.

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SOURCE - The Software and Content You Need

Increase student motivation, creativity, and problem solving with integrated, adaptive educational software that measures progress and adjusts dynamically to personalize learning for better outcomes.

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Solutions that Support Student Success

Take Learning and Teaching Beyond School Walls

Discover classroom-ready devices that support learning and teaching based on Intel technology.

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Connect Your Classroom to Content

Store, manage, and connect to your digital classroom content with one device; the Joi™ Connect.

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Enhance Collaborative Learning Experience

Enhances classroom productivity and supports collaborative student work..

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Better Learning Begins with You

Get the resources to create dynamic lesson plans, further your education, and prepare students for success.

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Enhance Collaborative Teaching & Learning Experience with Classroom Management Software

CMS includes a broad range of features to support effective teaching and learning - supporting interactive and collaborative work, and providing tools to organize lessons and assess student progress.

Interactive Teaching & Learning

High-speed Screen Broadcast

Share the instructor's screen to the students in real time.

Student Demonstration

Display one student's screen on other student's computers, students can share their work and highlight creative solutions.

Group Collaboration

Group Management

Create groups and identify group leader to allow CMS functions control, such as Screen Broadcast, Monitor and so on.

Group Teaching

Divide the students into several groups and perform personalized teaching activities, including peer tutoring and cooperative learning.



Create questions and send the survey to the class. Data automatically comes back to you in a bar chart.

Quiz by Answer Sheet

Import documents as quiz paper and edit on it to generate answer sheet. Export quiz result in the form of HTML. Monitor student's answering progress in real time.

File Management

File Distribution

Distribute files to one or more students in various format such as documents, pictures, executable files and so on.

File Collection

Collect files from one or more student just by one click and without leaving the seat.

File Submission

Apart from file collection, students also can submit the file on their own.

Effective Control & Assist

Monitor & Control

Supervise students in their learning progress, monitor students' screens or multiple audio sources on student PCs simultaneously.

Remote Settings

Lock the students screen, monitor and control shared resources such as printer.